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Wireless Router used to listen to music

You guys are all going to laugh when you hear I am working with less than 400 mb of free space on my harddrive.
I would like to move say my music on to an external hd. Easy enough would not requirement me to post on here. The problem is I am sick and tired of hooking up the USB cable when I am on my laptop in bed. I went out and bought the Buffalo 500 gig LinkStation.

Get home, plug the new harddrive into the router. If I click in my network place. Nothing shows up...not even the 10/100 or wireless icon and yet it works fine so I don't mess with it. The only way for me to transfer files from my laptop HD to the Buffalo HD is through the Buffalo program (NAS navigator) they give you. The harddrive does not show up in either my networks or my computer.

I would like to put music that I use less frequently but still listen to on this harddrive and be able to play it in itunes. When I go into itunes and browse I see my networks..click on it and go into entire network...then Microsoft network and then slows down and brings me to workgroup

What am I doing wrong? I would like to free up space on this harddrive without using wires. Any help would GREAT!


Specs on the laptop:
IBM thinkpad
OS:Windows XP
Wireless capable

Verizon Fios router

xp posted
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